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Ideo Lux is a luxury hotel, positioned in a quiet part of town, yet not far from the city center.

Ideo Lux is a luxury hotel, positioned in a quiet part of town, yet not far from the city center.

The luxury and elegance of the hotel is an indispensable sight to thousands of people who are passing a highway every day, which is also close to this magnificent building.

The hotel offers 18 luxuriously equipped rooms, which are single, double (with double bed and single beds) and triple bed.

The sophisticated luxury of the hotel is completed with apartments that are in line with the highest standards and the most modern trends.

Each room has its own bathroom equipped with all the necessary cosmetic and hygienic sets.

Within the hotel there is an elegant and very luxurious à la carte restaurant where it is possible to organize celebrations with a capacity of up to 170 seats, as well as a meeting room and business meetings.

Guests have free and spacious parking spaces under twenty-four-hour supervision.

The ambiance of the Ideo Lux hotel reflects the comfort of modern lifestyle and sophistication.

Staying at our hotel will turn into your unique experience.

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Contact Us

Dear visitors, the doors of our hotel are always open to you. If you have any questions, suggestions, suggestions, we are at your disposal, and we will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.